Radio-Frequency Systems  EASYDET DUAL

AMERSEC® RF shoplifting prevention systems not only use the latest technology to protect your articles but also provide you with valuable online data and store activity information that can help you to maximize efficiency and increase profits of your business.


AMERSEC® DUAL EASYDET is a standard two-pedestal swept system with a high resistance to interference and simple tuning, which makes it a very reliable choice for any store. Our multi-loop antenna design results in uniform detection while maintaining a low signal emission.

Our range of EASYDET pedestals also include an integrated MetalSpy antenna for a booster-bag protection-ready product. The system can be easily upgraded at any time without the need of changing pedestals or wiring and more importantly at a lower cost to you.

DUAL EASYDET can be installed in an unlimited amount in one location. Simple synchronization settings enable all of them to work together simultaneously.

DUAL EASYDET is most commonly supplied with a frequency of 8.2MHz but can also be purchased for 3.25MHz, 4.75MHz and 4.83MHz.

Design ALUPROFI 40

Height 1525 mm
Width 387 mm
Depth 62 mm
Weight 2x 9,7 kg
Base 389×64 mm
Advertising area (visible) 1456×303 mm

RGB LED alarm light
85 dB piezo
Inbuilt Visitor counter (optional)
Inbuilt MetalSpy loop
Inbuilt NG MetalMagnetSpy (optional)
Available in silver, black, white or customized color

RF 4×4 cm 8.2 MHz soft label, deactivatable up to 155 cm
RF 5×5 cm 8.2 MHz soft label, deactivatable up to 175 cm
RF AMERSEC® Picco Tag up to 200 cm
Tested in all orientations, depending on environment.


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